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Chapter 3 - Sustainability

Chapter 3 - Sustainability

A journey not just of learning, but of unlearning.
For some, wetsuits are a means to an end. A necessary piece of gear for surfers around the world. For others, wetsuits are agents of change for an industry starving for innovation | Courtesy of Patagonia

Chapter three is our first attempt at an unprecedented voyage - not to distant shores or foreign land, but into the depths of a concept - sustainability through the lens of action sports.

We set out on a two-and-a-half-month expedition, navigating through the intricacies of sustainability within an industry that struggles with its own contradictory ideals.

The result; a strikingly transparent snapshot of the industry's approach to environmental responsibility, a revelation that's both thought-provoking and deeply impactful.

Guatemala. Home of Billabong’s new propriety blend | Courtesy of Billabong

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Ride along as host and writer Sunny Fassler guides us through the rich tapestry of narratives and insights featuring industry trailblazers like Tom Kay of Finisterre, Billabong Europe General Manager Simon Charlesworth, Patagonia's Gabe Davies, and industry strategist Adam Hall.

Is sustainability inherently flawed?

Our expedition dives into the intricate dance between sustainability, quality, and market demands. We delve into the paradoxes and challenges of eco-friendly initiatives, and learn how Radio 4's shipping forecast provided the inspiration for one of the world's most innovative outdoor apparel brands today.

The A way forward. Yulex x Finisterre | Courtesy of Finisterre

The following 90 minutes uncover the demand for materials like natural rubber and the complicated realities behind greenwashing, offering an honest look at an industry at a crossroads and its relentless pursuit of harmony with our planet.

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