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Chapter 4 - Morocco

Chapter 4 - Morocco

Morocco is home—well, not far from it, anyway.
With an expansive 3500-kilometer coastline stretching from Algeria to the Sahara Desert, Morocco has since become a mecca of its own kind. One of world-class waves.

For chapter 4, we touch down in Morocco and make our way to Taghazout - a small fishing village turned righthand point mecca, where North African hospitality collides with global surf culture.

Taghazout perches on Morocco's Atlantic coast, the muezzin's call mingling with the rhythm of the waves. It's a village caught between worlds, its fishing roots tangled with its status as an international surf destination.

Rust-bucket chariot, boards stacked high, threading Taghazout's labyrinth. Surf pilgrims on a mission, leaving tire marks and stoke in equal measure

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I found myself drawn to the stories etched in the faces of those who've witnessed this transformation firsthand. Saad El Kilani, his weathered hands gesturing towards Anchor Point, spoke of a time when the break was nameless and empty. His eyes flashed with a mix of pride and nostalgia as he recounted those early days.

Anchor Point's perfect rights unzip the coast, teasing surfers and tourists alike. Nature's amphitheater, where sand-crusted rocks offer front-row seats to one of Africa’s best lineups.

Othmane Choufani and Ramzi Boukhiam represent the new guard, and their journeys are evidence of the tenacity of Moroccan surfers. Othmane's big wave pursuits have thrust him onto the global stage, while Ramzi's decade-long quest for a spot on the Championship Tour is a study of perseverance.

But it was Mariam El Gardoum who truly captured the complexities of modern Taghazout. A five-time national champion, she navigates the intersections of tradition, faith, and surfing with grace and grit. Her story is a powerful reminder that cultural identity isn't static - it evolves, adapts, and sometimes rides a surfboard.

This is Taghazout unfiltered.

Amazigh queen - Maryam El Gardoum

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