Duct Tape Theory
Duct Tape Theory
Chapter 1 - Bali

Chapter 1 - Bali

Waves and Whispers: Unearthing Bali's Secret Pulse
Chapter 1 - Bali Untold through the lens of action sports. Featuring Marlon Gerber, Rizal Tandjung, Afandy Dharma Fairbrother and Crille Rask.

Embark on an exhilarating journey to Bali, the island of divine beauty, mystique, and vibrant cultural dance, in the first chapter of Duct Tape Theory with your host, Sunny Fassler.

An amalgamation of world-class surf, ancient traditions, and modern allure, Bali is more than a tourist's paradise; it's a pulsating heart that has charmed many souls into calling it home.

Join us as we navigate Bali's renowned surf, emerald rice fields, vibrant nightlife, and authentic hospitality. But we go beyond the surface to uncover the true essence of the island through the eyes of its inhabitants.

You'll meet legendary surfers Marlon Gerber and Rizal Tandjung, who've etched their names onto Bali's iconic waves, and learn about their unique paths to professional surfing. Hear from Afandy Dharma Fairbrother, a former pro skater who's revolutionized Bali's skate scene. Discover Bali through the lens of Swedish-Portuguese filmmaker and photographer Crille Rask, a testament to the island's irresistible charm.

The one and only Rizal Tandjung, dropping wisdom on how Balinese culture and his love for the ocean intertwines
Marlon Gerber got personal and reflective in our “places” segment
Breaking down people and barriers for us, Afandy Dharma Fairbrother
Crille Rasks aka Raskal’s intellect impressively on display during our “stories” segment

But this is more than a travelogue. It's an examination of Bali's rich cultural history, its blend of ancient traditions with modern sensibilities, and a deep dive into the philosophy that underpins the Balinese way of life. Through intimate conversations and personal insights, we explore the island's melting pot of cultures, its enduring legacy, and its future in a rapidly changing world.

Whether you're drawn to the Island of the Gods for its waves, its history, or the stories of those who call it home, this episode promises a unique and in-depth look at Bali like never before.

Hit subscribe and join us on this unforgettable journey to an island that is so much more than a stopover; for many, it's home.

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Duct Tape Theory
Duct Tape Theory
Duct Tape Theory blends the appeal of documentaries with the intimate storytelling of podcasts and the power of words, stripping back the layers to reveal the throbbing heart of action sports, adventure and life at the fringes of our maps.
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